Practice Makes Profit
The Business and Learning Case for Practice

  • Understand the Learning Case: How the right types of practice dramatically boost learning and long-term retention.
  • Build Your Business Case: How practice opportunities can increase reach, revenue, and impact.
  • Lay the Path for Implementation: How to create the right conditions and use the right tactics for offering practice opportunities.

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From the Introduction

At the core of any learning business is the goal of ensuring that learners improve not only in what they know but in how they apply that knowledge. To support that goal, learning businesses offer products and services. But all too often portfolios are short on practice options.

Yet we know, from our own experience and from a growing body of scientific studies, that practice is highly effective in supporting learning. One might even go so far as to assert no learning happens without practice.

Practice is good for learners, and practice is good for the learning businesses supporting their practice.

For learners, practice improves accuracy and efficacy. Their performance during practice opportunities, including mistakes made, gives them invaluable insight into their progress and helps them focus future study and practice more accurately. Practice can also bolster confidence, reduce the stress learners feel when called on to perform, and consequently improve future performance.

For your learning business, offering practice opportunities represents a revenue source and potentially differentiates you from competitors. It also presents an opportunity to better understand the market you serve and, most importantly, a way to provide more impactful learning products and services.

To learn more about why and how to implement practice opportunities in your portfolio, download the briefing today!

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